Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Over the Games

Can we have Eastway back now?
It’s over. The 2012 Olympic Games is history.
So, Lord Coe, Sir, can we now have the Eastway cycle circuit back? Demolished to make way for the Olympic Park.
I enjoyed the Olympian feats tremendously, Britain’s huge success. Especially the bikies: Lizzie Armitstead, Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Laura Trott, Jason Kenny et al.
But also Bolt, Farah, Ennis, Murray – a smile on his face at last.
Most of all loved being part of the millions on the roadside to see the stars in road races and TTs.
And what a feast of gladiatorial combat in the velodrome. Wasn’t there of course. Couldn’t get tickets. 300,000 applicants for a 6000 seater!
But then, Oi…! I spot Prince William and  his Kate in the grandstand. Prince Harry, too!
There’s that Mayor of London, Boris – not so Super Cyclehighways – Boris. And Prime Minister
David Cameron – he’s backed The Times campaign for safer streets for cycling but done what exactly?
And I say to myself – those blighters have got my seats!
But, hey, mustn’t grumble. Our sport is now so popular the elite come to watch – free, probably.
The press has been euphoric about these Games, an historic best for Britain. But let’s keep the perspective. Time to put on the lead cycling shoes lest our feet float free from the pedals.
The $7bn fantasy is over. Back to reality.  Britain has the worst family poverty in Europe, the most teenage pregnancies, binge drinking on an Olympic scale, the most couch potatoes and crap road conditions for cycling.
Can we have Eastway back, now, please, Lord Coe, Sir?