Saturday, 30 July 2011

The London Surrey Cycle Classic

After saying they would not be carrying out any major road repairs for the 2012 Olympic cycle road races, Surrey County Council have nevertheless begun resurfacing long stretches of the A25 between Abinger and Westcott, weeks before the August 14 test event, the London Surrey Cycle Classic.
Brilliant billard top surface it is, too. Rode it only the other day. Makes you realise how rubbish the rest of the road network is. The question now is, will they do the decent thing and completely resurface the entire 15.5 kilometre circuit of Box Hill, which is to be covered nine times by the men and twice by the women in the Olympics? There are at least 20 pot holes on this bumpy circuit, not to mention crumbling verges. Most of the surface gives a very rough ride. Go on Surrey, leave road users a decent legacy!